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9 Reasons Why Merge is the BEST Choice for every NURSES



Here in MERGE Nursing Review Center, we offer more than 560++ Hours of Excellent Quality Nursing Review. It is the LONGEST REVIEW PROGRAM ever made.

It is designed to prepare and help nurses to pass and top the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination. 

In the actual board exam, nurses will have to face 5 sets of exam called 'NURSING PRACTICE' and each set is composed of one hundred questions. Per set is good for  2 hours and they will take the exam for 2 days (3 Sets for Day 1 and 2 Sets for Day 2). This is the reason why MERGE's Review Program is paralleled to the scheme and schedule of the board exam. The 8-hour lecture per day will help them build their stamina, physical, psychological and mental alertness all throughout the day in the board exam.

All lectures given to students are all up-to-date and we always follow the recommended references of the Board of Nursing.

We have 3 Phases in our Review Program; we have the Comprehensive Phase, Critical Phase and Final Coaching. The contents of each review phases are posted below:

Comprehensive Phase
>Diagnostic Examination
>Diagnostic Examination Rationale
>Speed Reading and Comprehension powered by Niner IELTS Review Center (The No. 1 IELTS Review Center in the Philippines accdg to IDP and British Council)
>Comprehensive Lecture of the following subjects with Pre-Post Exams and in-depth rationalization. (Note: All lectures are UPDATED)
     -Fundamentals of Nursing
     -Medical-Surgical Nursing
     -Pharmacology Nursing
     -Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
     -Community Health Nursing (Including IMCI, COPAR, Project Entreprenurse, RNHeals etc.)
     -Communicable Disease Nursing
     -Maternal Health Nursing
     -Child/Pediatric Health Nursing
     -Nursing Leadership, Management and Research
     -Professional Adjustment, Jurisprudence, Ethics
     -Prescriptive Test Taking Exercises
>Comprehensive Examination (NP1, NP2, NP3, NP4, NP5)
>Comprehensive Examination Rationale

Critical Phase
>Critical Thinking Exercises
>2 Exams per Day with in depth rationalization for the following concepts:
     -Fundamentals of Nursing
     -Medical-Surgical & Pharmacology Nursing
     -Psychiatric Nursing
     -Community Health Nursing
     -Communicable Disease Nursing
     -Maternal Health Nursing
     -Child Health Nursing
     -Nursing LMR and Prof Ad

Final Coaching
>2 Days Pre-Board Examination
>2 Days Pre-Board Exam Rationalization
>6 Days of Expert's Strategies, Tips, FAQs and more for the following subjects:
      -Fundamentals of Nursing
      -Medical Surgical & Pharmacology Nursing
      -Psychiatric Nursing
      -Community Health Nursing
      -Maternal & Child Health Nursing
      -Nursing LMR and Prof Ad
      -Geria, Onco, Ortho and O.R. Nursing

Also included in the review package are the FREE TUTORIALS and REINFORCEMENTS. These are supplementary review classes given voluntarily to students who want to have additional knowledge and skills in a certain subject. These part of the program is not mandatory and it is the discretion of the student he/she wants to attend these free tutorials and reinforcements.


In the Actual Board Exam, the PRC uses a special type of answer sheet which is the Scantron Paper.

Here in MERGE, we offer scantron-based examinations used for every pre-post test, comprehensive exam and simulated pre-board examination. 

In the other review center, every student has to pay PHP 5.00 to PHP 10.00 per Scantron Paper. Others still don't have this kind of technology. But here in MERGE, we ALWAYS USE SCANTRON PAPER for every examination. 

From a simple 50-item quiz to a 100-item major exam, we ALWAYS USE SCANTRON PAPER. The Scantron paper is already part of the review package fee so you don't have to pay for it every exam. This will help the students build their skill in proper shading and prevention against mutilation of the scantron paper. This will also help prevent the students from having technical errors during the board exam.


One of the major factors in rendering excellent quality nursing review is the credentials and teaching skills of every lecturer.

Most of our lecturers have more than 5 years in teaching and clinical experience, have Master's Degree and Topnotchers of Nurse Licensure Examination. We have lecturers from Trinity University of Asia - St. Luke's College of Nursing (TOP 3 Performing Nursing School in the Philippines OF ALL TIME = 95.06%,

Our Lady of Fatima University (Valenzuela City), Far Eastern University, University of the East - Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center and many more.

You can access their information and credentials on the link posted below:


It is important for every nurse to know what is the latest trend in the nursing profession here and abroad. Here in MERGE Review Center, we keep our lectures updated ALL THE TIME.

If the Department of Health(DOH) or the World Health Organization(WHO) releases a new program for the community, MERGE will know it FIRST before the other review center will have it. We are fond and dedicated of updating our students every now and then. We give lectures about the IMCI, Project Entreprenurse, RNHeals, Warm Chain, COPAR, Updated Standards for CPR and many more.

This will give you the right amount of knowledge, confidence and increase chance of topping or passing the board exam.


Here in MERGE, we always give handouts and reviewers in every lecture. The contents of each materials are also UPDATED. We also give our students a copy of every examination taken.

Other review centers don't give handouts or reviewers thus, giving students a hard time to find the sources they need. Sometimes you have to pay for their handouts which is not part of their review fee and they are all EXPENSIVE. So don't be deceive by big tuition fee discounts given by other review centers because most of the time they have extra charges for your handouts, reviewers and examinations.

In MERGE, it is our prime responsibility to meet your needs and demands for topping and passing the board exam. Thus, these review materials are all FREE OF CHARGE.

What if you lost your handouts, reviewers or a copy of your exam due to an unfortunate event? Then we will give you another copy FOR FREE! This is how we treat our fellow students in MERGE. We always treat them as PARTNERS.

Also included in the package are the following and they are all for FREE:
> 1 Sling Body Bag
> 1 Large-Size Notebook (100 Leaves)


MERGE provides a conducive learning environment for every student.

We already took away the traditional setting of Whiteboard, marker or even the OHP(Over-head projector).

Here, we use the latest technology in teaching our students. Each lecturer uses a tablet-PC and every input written in their device are projected vividly by the LCD Projector through a wide-projector screen. The letters and writings projected digitally are clearly seen even at the very back of the lecture room. We also use an excellent sound system that is audible for everyone to hear. Our lecture rooms are also fully-airconditioned and well-lit.


It is also our passion to extend our excellent quality nursing review towards the reach of every Filipinos nationwide. MERGE already has more than 20 branches all over the country thus it is considered as the Biggest, Nationwidest and Best Nursing Review Center in the Philippines.

Each branch has the same excellent quality of Nursing Review. All branches have centralized examinations, same review materials, same facilities and all our lecturers rotate in these branches, thus the same amount of review is received for every student nationwide.

To check the contact details of our branches, kindly click the link posted below:


MERGE remains a consistent track record of having a continuous nationwide passing rate of 90% and above since 2003.

MERGE helped more than 20,000 nursing students and counting in achieving their dreams of being a Filipino Registered Nurse.

MERGE will continue this legacy of helping future nurses up to the next generations.


Here in MERGE, YOU WILL RECEIVE MORE over of WHAT YOU PAY. From free review handouts, scantron-based examinations, state of the art review facilities, free tutorials and reinforcements, 560++ hours of review and many more... We will not waste your money on non-sense things. We always make sure that every cent counts. Here, from start to finish, we will provide you everything you need just to top and pass the Nurse Licensure Examination.

In MERGE, we know what is best for you. We are all here to help you achieve your dreams of being a Filipino Registered Nurse :)

If you have any questions and concerns kindly call: 741-1336 | 742-0022 :)